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The Community Education Commission is led in partnership with the City of Detroit.

What drives us?

A Family-First Education Ecosystem

The Community Education Commission (CEC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in May 2018 by Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. In response to the more than 30,000 students that leave Detroit every day to attend school outside of the city, Mayor Duggan sought to work with education leaders, families, and educators to develop new resources that help to retain students in the city.

Since its inception, the CEC has invested in innovative initiatives that increase access to afterschool enrichments and transportation, and provide transparent information about Detroit schools.

Our mission is to increase access to quality education for all Detroit families.

Working with diverse stakeholders across the city, CEC develops critical resources and systems-level solutions that address common challenges faced by Detroit families, such as access to information and access to enrichment programming.

Our Board of Directors

Community Education Commission’s board members include a cross-section of leaders representing Detroit’s diverse education landscape, including Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD), charter schools, the teacher’s union, philanthropy, community organizations, teachers, and parents.

Currently, our board consists of 10 volunteer members who were appointed by Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan:

Monique Marks

Board Chair

CEO, Franklin-Wright Settlements

Punita Thurman

Vice President of Program & Strategy, Skillman Foundation

Nikolai Vitti

Superintendent, Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD)

Ralph Bland

CEO, New Paradigm for Education

Venessa Keesler

Senior Project Director, AEM Corporation

Teferi Brent

Member, Detroit 300 and Goodwill Industries

Nate Walker

Organizer and Policy Analyst, American Federation of Teachers in Detroit

Sherita Smith

Executive Director, Grandmont Rosedale Community Development

Marsha A. Lewis

Teacher, DPSCD

Renee Wendt

Teacher, Detroit Charter School

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