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Take Attendance

Track student, and instructor, attendance for each session. Attendance must be taken with in the first half of the session.

Send an Email to Your Families

Click here to send an email to your roster of students. Please submit at least 5 hours prior to requested send date and time.

Request Reimbursements

Reimbursements should be submitted within 30 days of purchase. All submissions must include a readable reciept.

Submit Unit Plans

Submit your unit plan, in whichever format you like, within the first week of each session.

Write a Blog Post

Do you want your program featured on the GOAL Detroit blog? Submit content here and we will schedule it in the line-up.

Liability Insurance

Submit your liability insurance here. Please see contract for specific details, but make sure Community Education Commission and City of Detroit are both listed as additionally insured.

W9 Forms

Click here to fill out your W9. If you have questions regarding additional paperwork, reach out to Kat Grow at

Submit Reimbursements