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A New Opportunity for Information about Schools

Detroit’s Community Education Commission (CEC) — a representative group of education leaders in Detroit — is committed to eliminating barriers that families face in accessing quality education options in our city.  One of the most critical barriers Detroiters currently face is access to information about the quality and programming offered by our city’s schools.

Information about schools can help 1) families select schools that meet their needs; 2) educators, administrators, and others know where to invest their time and resources; and 3) identify opportunities to direct additional resources and support that improve schools for all students.

In spring 2018, the CEC identified a way to provide this type of information. State law (MCL 380.390), enacted in June 2016, requires that all public schools – district and charter – located within Detroit’s city limits be awarded a letter grade of A-F for their academic and non-academic performance beginning in October 2019.

The CEC has been given the unique opportunity to develop a draft system to present to the state for adoption.  The state recognized the importance of empowering Detroiters to help create a school rating system that not only complies with the state law, but also makes sense for Detroit, its families and children.

The CEC has begun the work of crafting a rating system – the School Rating System for Detroit (SRSD) – in response to the state law.  As the CEC continues to develop the SRSD, it is critical to solicit input from those closest to the work – educators, families, and the broader Detroit community.  How do members of the Detroit community feel about this rating system?  What do we need to change?  How can we make this more useful for educators and families?

Below, you will find information about opportunities for you to provide feedback on the SRSD, including community events and a survey.  You can also find FAQs with more information about the SRSD and the CEC’s work.  Have other thoughts or questions?  Drop us an email at

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